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National Association of Registered Tax Return Preparers (NARTRP)

The IRS designation of Registered Tax Return Preparer is changing the tax industry in an effort to increase the level of professionalism of preparers. The new designation is part of an ongoing effort by the IRS to enhance oversight of the tax preparation industry. Congruently, our mission is the same: to increase the level of professional responsibility, education and resources for all Registered Tax Return Preparers.

The changes in our industry are vast and we would like to help all tax preparers stay informed of the new requirements placed upon us. Starting in 2012, all PTIN holders will be required to complete 15 hours of continuing education annually. Prior to December 31, 2013, tax professionals must pass the IRS Competency Exam to obtain the Registered Tax Return Preparer designation.

Our goal is to be the registered tax preparer's one stop source for information and educational requirements.

Our job is to help develop your ability to provide effective tax preparation services. The NARTRP is your resource for interfacing with the IRS, today's top tax professionals and the industry's leading software providers. We, as tax preparers, are a community of professionals. The NARTRP seeks to connect the individuals in our profession with the surrounding tax community. Together, we can make each other stronger and more effective tax preparers.