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IRS Addresses Tax Liens and Levies during Shutdown

Susan Patterson - October 10, 2013 2:01 pm

With the government shutdown in its 10th day, the Internal Revenue Service has provided clarification on its issuing of tax liens and levies during the shutdown.  Their official statement is that the IRS is not sending our levies or liens - either those generated systemically or those manually generated by employees. The IRS notes that taxpayers may still receive levy or lien correspondence with October mailing dates, but those notices were printed before IRS shut down operations were fully complete. (It is standard practice for these notices to be printed with a future date to allow for mailing time to reach taxpayers.) In addition, the IRS notes that other letters related to liens and levies – such as notifications that a taxpayer could potentially be subject to a lien or a levy at a future date – continue to be automatically generated by IRS systems during the appropriations lapse. However, the IRS emphasizes that these notices are not actual levies or liens; just a notification of potential future action. For more information on the IRS collection process, see Publication 594, the IRS Collection Process


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